Friday, July 12, 2013

The Official Video of the Biggest Chefs Network in the World.

Chefs United and Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini.

Chefs United, the largest network of its kind so far, brings together chefs on every continent and from the entire culinary spectrum – from five-star restaurants to cafeterias. Chefs United is a unique global network combining more than 25,000 chefs in every area of the world and headed by the award-winning Chef Gianfranco Chiarini.

Official Press Release:

Our Database Link:

The global network provides Symrise with exclusive and direct access to the culinary findings and insights of chefs working around the world, with their knowledge of regional and local dishes and cuisine in mind.

From local taste preferences, specific methods of preparation and products to the latest trends – the possible uses are almost limitless. And it is this knowledge of local cooking practices in particular that makes this network so extraordinary.

Authentic insights, results that can be reproduced and the highest degree of practical relevance:

With Chefs United, Symrise provides its customers with a unique service for the development and support of their brands – all over the world.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

I Eat Healthy - The Newest and Healthiest Facebook Page.

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“I eat healthy” is dedicated to everybody who eats or wants to start eating healthy, to everybody on a diet, suffering from food allergies, health restrictions or simply enjoying the pleasures of eating healthy.
“I eat healthy” is a place to learn, exchange ideas and discuss problems. It has been created to improve your quality of eating, to make you more aware of the importance of the correct nutrition and to give you diverse choices to improve your lifestyle.

This page has been created for everybody who understands that healthy, balanced, natural and diversified diet is crucial to the general well being of an individual, from physical to mental health.

“I eat healthy” – because eating consciously and healthy is a lifestyle, no matter what other people say.

By. Anna Chiarini
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Finally Worldwide Launching of: The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 3.0

The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 3.0 (The Ruby Edition)

By. Michelin starred Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini.

Photo shooting made in Quito, Ecuador.

Photographer – Alan De Herrera.

Finally!!! Worldwide launching..."The Ruby", the third and last edition of the New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 3.0.

Rated as the "The Projected Best Culinary book for the upcoming year 2013"

Here is a credit list of the most important fine collaborators and support on-site and on-line, for the making of ”The Ruby”, and we approach the opportunity to thank you all for the finest work on this jewel edition.

The team as follows:

Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini (Italy)Research Team: Anna Chiarini (Poland)
Chef. Robert Nuey (United States of America)
Food Photographer: Credits to, Alan De Herrera (United States of America)

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Recently featured as Star Celebrity on CNN:

About the Chef: Celebrity and Michelin Starred Chef Gianfranco Chiarini has been involved with Intercontinental Cuisine, culinary and scientific research for new gastronomic trends, molecular analysis, classic Michelin cuisine, food analysis, design and development of exciting new culinary concepts. He networks closely with worldwide chefs in all continents.

From Italian/American origins he grew up between Italy, Venezuela and the U.S. and later decided to join the Instituto de Alta Gastronomia de Caracas in the early 90s, from where he graduated as an International Chef. Later he returned to the United States and graduated with a master’s degree from the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute as part of the (CIA) Culinary Institute of America. In Paris, France, he attended the Cordon Bleu, earning his Master Culinary Chef’s degree. And in Italy he earned the honorable membership of Executive Chefs of La Gran Accademia della Cucina Italiana.

He has worked under great chefs around Europe and trained to Michelin standards in Italy and France.

He has also been directly involved in the management, menu designing, prototype and product development, as well as the opening, of luxury Hotels, Culinary Centers and many restaurants in the U.S.A., Venezuela, Bahamas, Trinidad % Tobago, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Turkey and India.

He is also a celebrity TV Chef in the Middle East for the regional and multinational broadcasting Aljazeera TV. His cooking shows were featured all over the Middle East, Gulf countries and North African Arabic-speaking countries. Selected as best chef in the Persian Gulf 2005 and 2006, by the acclaimed "Chaine des Rotisseurs" for their gala dinners.

Chef Gianfranco Chiarini has also served as Executive chef, culinary consultant, or Specialty chef for multinational hotel chains such as: Intercontinental Hotel Group, Sheraton, Hilton, Shangri-La, and boutique deluxe hotels around the world

Chef Chiarini has served personalities such as: His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, AMIR of Kuwait (*1926+2006), U.S President Jimmy Carter and his wife, The Presidents of the African Union, Princess Amira al-Taweel and her husband the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani Emir from Qatar, Turkish President Abdullah Gül, Vice President of Iraq Adil Abdul-Mahdi, and many more.

One very important point that deserves to be mentioned is that Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini is actually the chef with the biggest network of culinary professionals in the world. His personal and well organized network, best known as The (GCA) Global Chefs Alliance Data-base exceeds the 25.000+ chefs from six continents and more than 160 countries.

No other chef possesses this powerful tool that enables him to create and link culinary, texture and regional flavors, just with a click of the mouse away. Finding local experts wherever he goes and making a lot easier the hard job of creating new and exciting food concepts with the Intel and help of his well organized army of chefs globally.

To participate of this amazing database just click on the following link and fill the easy on line form. Once you are done, just click submit, and you’ll be welcomed into Global Chefs Network Data-base:

Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini has been featured in numerous culinary web sites.

Chef Gianfranco Chiarini speaks 7 languages, and despite his responsibilities as a Corporate Chef, he still remains linked to the glamorous world of haute cuisine. In fact he is publishing the second cookbook of a unique trilogy, entitled: The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine, a unique compilation of great masterpieces, created with care by the chef, gathering influences and a fusion of cultures from around the world, having as a base Italian Cuisine.

About the book: This amazing 160 pages book, full of innovative recipes, personal stories and great pictures; is divided into 11 different parts; the five main ones contain recipes, where Chef Gianfranco fuses Italian culinary creativity with the beauty and products of foreign lands.

Some of the countries whose culinary traditions are fused into this 2.0 book are: Colombia, Panamá, Cuba, United States, Uruguay, Ecuador, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Maldives Island, Mauritius Island, Kenya, Tunisia, Capo Verde, Iceland, Czech Republic, Romania, Yemen, Iraq, Israel, to name just a few.

The first book called “the Emerald book” was launched in 2011, the second book (“the Pearl book”) just launched in 2012, and finally the third book (“the Ruby book”) just published in November 2012 for the upcoming 2013. The collector will possess after three years “La Tricolore” or flag of Italy.

The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine Trilogy, belongs to “The Culinary Jewels of the New Renaissance of Italy Collection”

By. Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini.

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And if you are not a fan of his culinary page; click on:
Michelin Starred Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: The new Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 3.0.

BREAKING NEWS: In the next few hours, will be launched what is considered to be the best upcoming Culinary Book for the year 2013. Our chef Gianfranco Chiarini and his amazing team conformed by some of the best chefs globally and one of the best food photographers in the world had been working hard to bring to you the “behind the scenes” images of the final link “The Ruby” of his acclaimed and awarded trilogy “The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine”. Enjoy the preview and behind the scenes of this culinary jewel.

The team as follows:

The International and Ecuadorian Culinary, Research & Media Teams as follows:


Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini (Italy)
Research Team: Anna Chiarini (Poland)
Chef. Robert Nuey (United States of America)
Food Photographer: Alan De Herrera (United States of America)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

That is How the World Cooks.

Symrise Begins Collaboration with Gianfranco Chiarini and His Digital Chef Network 

• Access to the culinary knowledge of more than 15,000 chefs worldwide
• Increasing understanding of local taste preferences 
• Inspiring each other’s culinary creations

Gianfranco Chiarini, a star in the world of cooking, has joined ranks with Symrise. He now advises the company about creative cooking. He uses his digital network of chefs to collect local knowledge about food and taste preferences, among other things. In return, he receives insights into the creation and interaction of tastes from Symrise.

“I want to inspire Symrise, to learn from Symrise and to be a part of its exciting activities,” said Gianfranco Chiarini, an award-winning chef of Italian-Columbian descent. “I am sharing what I know with Symrise to inspire the creative work of its employees. In turn, I would like to learn more about flavors, where they come from and how they influence each other. I’d like to build on that potential and use it for new creations at Symrise and in my own kitchen.

”Symrise is working with its internal network of chefs made up of Symrise cooks of different nationalities. Around the world, they help to develop tailor-made products for all tastes using their specialized knowledge. Now, the company is taking this a step further and is expanding its expertise. Just a few months ago, Symrise recruited the accomplished chef Harry Weber. He coordinates the international Symrise network of chefs: who is working when and with whom on which project.

To help work on new concepts in an even more focused manner, Symrise is now also consulting Gianfranco Chiarini. He operates the world’s largest digital network of chefs, comprising more than 15,000 of them around the world. Their knowledge provides a glimpse into local cuisine worldwide. How are meals prepared? What flavors do they and their guests prefer? What local specialties do they know? And what trends are emerging? The network’s answers to these questions provide a broad wealth of knowledge for Symrise. This makes it possible to develop even better products that appeal to regional desires.

Referring to the collaboration with Gianfranco Chiarini, Harry Weber said, “Thanks to Gianfranco and his network, we are getting unique and authentic insight into local cuisine on all continents. With his help, we will be able to offer our global clients flavors tailored to local preferences. In this way, we will appeal to our customers’ tastes and be able to address new trends quickly. And that will suit everyone’s palate – consumers, customers, Gianfranco and Symrise.

Über Gianfranco Chiarini.

Gianfranco Chiarini wurde in Ferrara in Oberitalien geboren. Er wuchs abwechselnd in Italien, Venezuela und den USA auf. Die Kochkunst erlernte er am Instituto de Alta Gastronimia de Caracas in Venezuela und später am Pittsburgh Culinary Institute.

Praktische Erfahrungen sammelte er im Cordon Bleu in Paris, im La Pegola in Rom und in der Pirsch-Mühle in Hamfelde in Norddeutschland. Später zog es ihn in den Orient, Asien und Afrika, wo er für luxuriöse Hotels und Resorts sowie Persönlichkeiten der jüngeren Zeitgeschichte, wie Jimmy Carter, kunstvolle Gerichte komponierte.

Die facettenreichen kulinarischen Stile diese Länder bereicherten seine Kochkünste, die schließlich auch in seine Kochbücher einflossen. 2010 veröffentlichte er The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 1.0, dem weitere Bücher folgten. Vor seinem Engagement bei Symrise unterstützte er einen großen Lebensmittelhersteller in Hamburg. (National Starch)

Michelin Starred Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini

Press Contact: 
Christina Witter
Phone:              +49 (0)5531 90-2182 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Michelin Starred and Celebrity Chef Chef Gianfranco Chiarini is scheduled to be in Quito, and other locations of Ecuador the entire month of November 2012, and Bogotá, Colombia the entire month of December 2012.

The projects involve investigation of New Amazonian and Indigenous Products, University Expositions, Restaurant Openings, Press Conferences, Culinary Shows, Workshops, and the Photo-shooting of the last Book of the trilogy for 2013 (The Ruby) and the New Culinary Golden Edition scheduled to be launched in 2014.

The Culinary, Research & Media Teams as follows:

Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini (Italy)
Research Team: Anna Chiarini (Poland)
Chef. Robert Nuey (United States of America)
Media and Photographer: Alan de Herrera (United States of America)

Congrats to all the team and the additional personnel that will be involved in this Expedition full of adventures and positive energy. Congratulations Chef Chiarini on another global success. This time in the enigmatic Andes region of South America.

NOTE: Follow the event on real time here, as it will be published daily at the following link: Michelin Starred Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini

Culinary Teams Global.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Chef Gianfranco Chiarini, had the honor to have “The Pearl” the second book of “The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine” personally signed, blessed and baptized by the hand of the Master of All Masters of Culinary.

The legendary Paul Bocuse; awarded “Chef of the Century”. The moment took place at the *** (3 Michelin stars) Paul Bocuse Restaurant @ 40 Rue de la Plage 69660 Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or, France.

Congratulations to our Chef for an incredible achievement and we thank all the great staff (Dining and Kitchen) of Paul Bocuse Restaurant for the hospitality and kindness shown to our Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini and his wife Anna Chiarini on this wonderful day.

God Bless you Master Bocuse for the gift of identity and respect you have given to all the chefs of the world!!